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Love-Love Index
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Intro and Info
Symbol/Color Key
My Odd Rating System
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~~all games are only in Japanese unless otherwise denoted [a.k.a. (Eng)]~~

~~~~Girl-Hero or Choice~~~~
00Angelique Series
00Arubarea no Otome
?0Atelier Series
00e'tude prologue
00Fantastic Fortune
00Favorite Dear
00Graduation M
00Harlem Beat
00Harukanaru Tokino Nakade*
00Harvest Moon Series
00Itsuka, Kasanariau Ashita He
00Kisekae Monogatari
00Nothing But Loving You
00Marmalade Boy
00Miracle Girls
00Misa's Magical Journey
00Mystic Mind
00Pinottia's Dream
??Project V6
10Rhapsody (Eng)
00Ripple no Tamago
00Rival Schools 2
00Rurouni Kenshin - 10 Warriors
00Shoujo Kakumei Utena
00Star Ocean: Second Story (Eng)
00Study! (Freeware)
00Suna no Embrace
00Tanbimusou: Meine Liebe
00Tour Party
00World Neverland 2

00And X as Y
?0Azure Dreams (Eng)
00Fragrance Tale
00Love Simulation (THE)
10Princess Maker Series (Eng)
00Seraphim Spiral
00Sotsugyou 2 (Eng)
00Freeware Shounen-ai
00Thousand Arms (Eng)
?0Wizard's Harmony

~~~~Personal ROM Trans~~~~
00MK Rayearth GB (Pending Eng)

~~~~Somewhat Decent American Girl-Games~~~~
10King's Quest 4 (Eng)
10Laura Bow 2 (Eng)
00McKenzie and Co. (Eng)
10Plundered Hearts (Eng)

*I'm working on a guide for this.