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Title Harukanaru Tokino Nakade (In a Distant Time...)
Price/Platform 6800yen/Playstation
Company Koei
Item Number SLPM 86466
Summary It is a unique game in that it is a relationship game from the *female* perspective.  [Koei also made Angelique, which is actually the bigger title in this genre.]
In Harukanaru, you, Akane(or whatever you choose to name her), and two of your male friends(Shimon and Tenma) are whisked off to a magical world.  You discover you are the Ryuujin no Miko(priestess of the Dragon Gods).  The eight warriors, the Hachi-yoh(eight leaves), are given the responsibility to protect you.
The eight warriors are all really cute guys ^_^
Thus, the appeal of this game.
Availability It can be rented at Or, you can special order it from