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Title Kisekae Monogatari
Price/Platform 3800yen/Game Boy
Company Pack in Soft/Victor Interactive
Item Number DMG-A23J-JPN-1
Summary A cute interaction-sim/dress-up adventure for Gameboy Color... quite unique ^^
Anyway, you take the role of witch-in-training Marie, as she tries to improve her fashion sense before she goes back to her magical country.  And she has a guardian cat named Mimi.  Isn't that cute?  And she meets friends and stuff in her quest for perfect fashions.  Yay!  This game is fun!  And the outfits are all so cute!
Review This actually was the first Japanese dating/interaction game that I actually *owned*.  It's for Gameboy Color, and it's a lot of fun ^^;  My only problem is that I've played through it 5 times and I still haven't gotten any of the guys to fall in love with me.  I gotta work on my Japanese ^_^;;;  That's the thing about interaction games... they really help you tune your Japanese skills because it's very important to pay attention to *what* you say and *how* you say it...  They train you for life in a Japanese culture!  That's why everyone should be like me and try to buy every single one from this genre!
Guides Nashi
Availability You would have to special order it from FromNippon (or get it through a friend in Japan :P).