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Title Arubarea no Otome ("Arabian Otome", "Maiden of Arbalia", "Maiden of Albaria"....)
Price/Platform ????yen/PC-FX
Company NEC/PC-FX
Item Number ????
Summary ----
Review ----
Guides Nashi
Availability This one is also out of print :(
...and for the PC-FX, which is quite expensive to buy. I have seen this game for sale in a few places, though... look around.

Title Arubarea no Otome - The Magnificent Holy Knights
Price/Platform 5800yen/Playstation
Company Masaya(Nippon Computer Systems...)
Item Number SLPS-01578/Playstation
Summary It is a romance simulation. It has a 14 year old boy. I want it.
Review ----
Guides Nashi
Availability It is out of print :( is able to look for used copies though.