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Title Thousand Arms
Price/Platform 6800yen/Playstation(Japanese)
$49.99/Playstation (English)
Company Atlus
Item Number SLPS-01780~1
Summary A dating Sim within an RPG. You are Meis Triumph... and you have to forge your sword with lovely women. *cough*
Review One step closer to translating Angelique and Harutoki in my mind.  Yes, I know I'm overly hopeful.  Despite the fact that there were many normal translator-things that annoyed me... the interaction elements made the characters just seem a step more real to me... proving that the elements of dating sims can still come through in translated form.
Tonikaku, support dating sims in America. Buy this game.
Guides Nashi
Availability The English version is fairly readily available.
You could buy it from or a variety of other places... or, you could rent it at
Now, I *did* find the Japanese version at Chips&Bits (for $19.95!)... interesting for the sake of comparison. buy/sell used books, music, movies,games