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Nifty Screen Shots from the game


Magic Knight Rayearth GB IPS Translation Patch

There is actually an interesting history to my choosing to translate this game.  It was actually my gateway to *finding out* about anime.  I had loved the Final Fantasy game series as a child, and I happened upon a Final Fantasy 5 ROM translation project.  I was so thrilled and I downloaded it and played FF5.   I, of course (being the impressionable character that I am) then wanted to do my own translations.  This would be hard since I knew absolutely no Japanese.  ^^;  [But, that's a whole story that I don't even have time to get into.]  Anyway, I started downloading games that I found interesting, just to try to find one that I could figure out how to edit.  I happened to download MKRGB and it happened to have a fairly easy programming system.  In my translation research, I found many MKR pages about the *anime*... and it all started *there*.


I've translated the opening, and a fairly nice chunk (or atleast I like to think so) of Hikaru's story-line.  There are many mistakes that I have already recognized, and they will probably changed in the next patch. ^^  Feel free to write me with help in translating later parts of the game.  I'd also love to hear constructive criticisms of what has been translated, as well.  This is really a learning experience for me. ^_^  I mean, I started out this game with *no* knowledge of the Japanese language, and look how far I've come.  [Hey, you can't deny that it's better than *nothing*, right?]

By the way, since my translation patch uses a font already within the game, all untranslated parts appear in their original Japanese text.

To play this game you need to have the rom for it(and preferably an emulator to play it in), which you need to download somewhere or somehow extract from your legally-owned Game Boy cartridge :P
Please do not ask me for copies of the rom.