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Favorite Character: Shimura Mikimaro
Title Graduation M --- The Student Council President's Splendid Conspiracy
Price/Platform 6800yen/Playstation
Company Iisurii(E3?) Staff
Item Number SLPS 01444~5
Summary A mystery/romance adventure with guy-versions of all the characters from Graduation!  One day, you get a mysterious call from your brother (who goes to Seiryuu High School, a private boy's school) asking for you to save him!  When you go there, you are approached by a boy (who happens to be the one who was rated most compatible to you when you entered all your information and took the personality test in the beginning).  It also just so happens that this boy is in the class that Oniisama mentioned in his frantic call.  From there, there are various chapters of adventure... you get to choose a partner for each one.  If you do well, you can get your investigative partner to like you a bit more... and maybe one of them will confess that he likes you at the end of the game! ^^
(...or maybe you'll just get a really odd scene with Kusanagi-prez ^^;)
Review I really love this game... it was one of the first I was actually able to play through entirely and understand mostly everything that was going on ^^; That's not because the language is easy in this, but because there is a lot of interaction(meaning I get a chance to explore options) and everything is voice-overed(kanji can be hard to recognize, and this really helps ^^)
The character designs, music, and atmosphere are also terrific... I would highly recommend this game.
Guides No guides, but there is an interesting Japanese page about the various characters and spin-off things here.
Availability NCS

Title Kekkon ~Marriage~
Price/Platform ????yen/Sega Saturn
????yen/Playstation (you cannot play as a girl in the PS version)
Company Shogakukan Productions
Item Number ----
Summary You plan out dates (amidst balancing a budget, working, and taking classes) with the men that appeared in Graduation M(or the women of Graduation if you select that you're male), then eventually you can get engaged and married.
Review This game is very very boring, and one just kinda feels nauseous at the end of it...
Well, the main problem with this game is that there is so danged little interaction... You plan out your week, plan in some dates, then just kinda watch everything go by.  [the music is weak too :/... (It ain't no Grad M....) and the manual is even wrong in places... ^^;] Maybe I'm just missing something...
Only get it if you have this desperate need to pretend to marry one of your favorite characters from Graduation, no matter how badly they are protrayed.
I only paid $19 for it, and I wouldn't recommend spending much more ^^;
Guides ----
Availability You would probably have to buy it used somewhere... that's what I did ^^;