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Title Private Justice School - The Hot-blooded Youth Diary (Rival Schools 2)
Price/Platform 2800yen/Playstation (Cap-Colle)
Company Capcom
ItemNumber SLPM-86750/Playstation (Cap-Colle)
Summary A fighting/simulation(interaction) game. Heh... I finally have a game I can purchase that will serve my bloodlust as well as my usual craving for affection ^_^
Now, all I need is to find a cross-genre of those Dancing Games and a Romance SLG.

Okay, let me clarify, a female-aimed Romance SLG... I do realize that there is already Tokimeki Memorial 2 - Dancing Summer Vacation... but that is for boys ^^; What Jennifer needs is... ermm... a Dance Dance Revolution version of Harlem Beat(that's the only dating sim in which you can play as a girl, that I know of, by Konami)... or something ^^;

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Availability NCS has it, and if they run out, I'm sure you could order it via