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Title Suna no Embrace (Embrace of the Sand)
Price/Platform 5800yen/Playstation
Company Idea Factory
Item Number SLPS-02858
Summary In the dry continent of Eden, there is a pure, if not a bit naive, girl, named Nebel. In honor of the words her grandmother left her, "See the various things of the world, experience everything," she left on a journey.

Waiting for her in the endless wilderness, was a monster.

Hearing the faint warning of the wind, yet continuing on her journey of trials, Nebel, before long, will meet with the one man of her fate. But, before this, they must stand and face more difficult trials together.

What will await these two people at the end of the aimless journey?

Review ----
Guides Nashi
Availability You would have to special order it from FromNippon (or get it through a friend in Japan :P).