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Favorite Character:  Miki
Title Shoujo Kakumei Utena 
~Itsuka Kakumei-sareru Monogatari~
Price/Platform 6800yen/Sega Saturn
Company Sega
Item Number GS-9182
Summary Whee! Spend a few days at Ohtori Gakuen, have multiple attempts at your life, and flirt with the student council. *sigh* It's a beautiful game.
Review This is definately one of my new favorite games.  It is *sniff* beautiful.  This is also one of the few girl-aimed games which allows girl-girl couplings... which is interesting.  My favorite ending is, of course, Miki's.
Guides Japanese one here. English one here.
Availability Your only real option is to check ebay and used game places, since it's out of print. may be able to do a search for a used copy in Japan as well.