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Title THE Love Simulation ~Summer Color Celebration~
Price/Platform 1500yen/Playstation
Company D3 Publisher
ItemNumber SLPS-02923/Playstation
Summary "Why is a seemingly traditional Japanese dating sim here?", you ask. I will tell you. It is because I loved the title... you can't get any more general than, "THE Ren-Ai Simulation" ^^ Plus, it is really, really cheap... if you just have the intense need to play a love simulation in Japanese *now*, but lack the money for the rest... then buy this one! Yay! There are 11 characters you can interact with... it actually may be pretty solid for the price. Anyway, you could also buy its friend THE Dungeon RPG!
Review ----
Guides Nashi
Availability You can special-order-like import it ^^