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Free games of this genre...

Okay, I'm sure your now entirely depressed after looking at all the games that you are unable to get, etc...  Well, it's all okay!  Because there are some Japanese shareware games that you can download! ^_^ Yay!   I'll try to add more as I find them and get them to work ^^;'s Simulation Section

Here are some that I've tried and work fairly okay:

Crystal Heart 1
Ermm... it's a shounen-ai game... to warn you from the start ^^;  But, it's kinda cute.  The only problem is that some sections of conversation text appear as just question marks...

Crystal Heart 2
Improved graphics over it's predecessor... but it's only shareware.  In this one, the conversation text appears fine, but some other things still show all question marks (normally the questions as to where to go).

Another shounen-ai one... same author ^^;

Another shounen-ai one... same author again... ^^;

Raise a little guy on your computer ^^;

Idol Maker
Raise an idol into stardom... there may be some romance... I don't know ^^;

This one requires ComicPlayer to run... ermm... it's another Shounen-ai one ^^;  Really pretty graphics!