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Favorite Character:  Amane
Title Elan Plus
Price/Platform 2800yen/Playstation
Company Visco
Item Number SLPS 02759
Summary 150 years have passed since the earth was destroyed in a Nuclear War.  The living of those who survived the battle in isolated spaces called 'colonies' was unavoidable.  The desire of the isolated peoples to return to their natural way of life led to the discovery of humanity's star of hope, E'lan.

The E'lan Project
From the nine manned-inquiry-party candidates, there will be 2 who will go to E'lan.  After passing through the strict training, who will get to go to the star of hope?  And, who will be going to E'lan with them?  The key to it all... is held by communication.

Didn't I do a lovely translation of the introduction?  It probably has mistakes, but it sounds right to me ^^;

Review I really enjoyed this game, and there are still many things I have yet to discover in it.  This version is supposed to be easier than the original (the original got some bad reviews in the difficulty department), and also features an album and seiyuu interviews upon completion of the game with the different characters.
You start out the game by choosing whether you want to play as a male or a female character.  From there on you go to an introduction that I most of the time skip through... because the real fun is in the actual communication.  While training with your fellow mission-candidates, you get numerous opportunities to talk with them and interact with them. 
It's ~quite~ enjoyable, and I highly recommend this game... as long as you have a passable understanding of Japanese.  Otherwise, the communication aspect will become meaningless... and that would be a shame.
Guides The closest to a guide is in Japanese... that's no problem for me, but those who don't know it will probably have trouble :P  They shouldn't be playing this game then :P
Anyway, it's on the company's main site, here.
Availability You would have to special order it from FromNippon (or get it through a friend in Japan :P).

Title Elan Original
Price/Platform 4800yen/Playstation
Company Visco
Item Number ----
Summary ----
Review ----
Guides ----
Availability ----