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~~all games are only in Japanese unless otherwise denoted [a.k.a. (Eng)]~~

~~~~Girl-Hero or Choice~~~~
00Angelique Duet
00Angelique in Wonderland
00Angelique Special
00Angelique Special 2
00Angelique Tenkuu no Requiem
00Angelique Trois
00Arubarea no Otome
00Arubarea no Otome - Knights
?0Atelier Elie
?0Atelier Lillie
?0Atelier Marie
00e'lan Plus
00e'tude prologue
00Fantastic Fortune
00Favorite Dear
00Favorite Dear - White Prophet
00Graduation M
00Harlem Beat
00Harukanaru Tokino Nakade*
00Harvest Moon for Girls
00Harvest Moon GB 1 (Eng)
00Harvest Moon GB 2 (Eng)
00Harvest Moon GB 3
00Itsuka,Kasanariau Ashitahe-Sayuri
00Kisekae Monogatari
00Little Princess
00Nothing But Loving You
00Marmalade Boy
00Miracle Girls
00Misa's Magical Journey
00Mystic Mind
00Pinottia's Dream
??Project V6
10Rhapsody - Puppet Princess (Eng)
00Ripple no Tamago
00Rival Schools 2
00Rurouni Kenshin - 10 Warriors
00Shoujo Kakumei Utena
00Star Ocean: Second Story (Eng)
00Study! (Freeware)
00Suna no Embrace
00Sweet Ange
00Tanbimusou: Meine Liebe
00Tenshi no Present
00Tour Party
00World Neverland 2

00And X as Y
?0Azure Dreams (Eng)
00Fragrance Tale
00Harvest Moon (Eng)
00Itsuka,Kasanariau Ashitahe-Shirou
00Love Simulation (THE)
10Princess Maker 2 (Eng)
10Princess Maker Series
00Seraphim Spiral
00Sotsugyou 2 (Eng)
00Freeware Shounen-ai
00Thousand Arms (Eng)
?0Wizard's Harmony

~~~~Personal ROM Trans~~~~
00MK Rayearth GB (Pending Eng)

~~~~Somewhat Decent American Girl-Games~~~~
10King's Quest 4 (Eng)
10Laura Bow 2 (Eng)
00McKenzie and Co. (Eng)
10Plundered Hearts (Eng)

*I'm working on a guide for this.