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The Games Listed Here

Basically, the theme of this section is: "Dating Sims for Girls".
I have tried to compile a fairly complete listing of all such games available for girls.
I would like this list to be as complete and informative as possible, so feel free to send me any info/suggestions (JennyLN@aol.com).
(however, I *do* exclude Hentai games... I apologize... but perhaps when my regular list is more complete, I can have a seperate section... for all ya pervs :p)

Explanations; Definitions

Now, my definition of dating sims is somewhat loose... I look for games that have a romance element and let you choose from a variety of guys(or girls), often having special endings where you can end up with each different guy(or girl).
One may notice a variety of exceptions on my list... often these are cases of games that have been translated into English. Thousand Arms, for example, is not a game aimed at girls specifically, but it *is* one of the few dating sims translated to English. Rhapsody is not a dating sim, and you cannot choose who you end up with in the end, *but* it -is- a cutesy girl-oriented game where you quest after a prince's heart... not to mention it was acutally translated, so it just had to be included. (^^) Then, of course, there are all the "shounen-ai" (boy's love) games. Though some may not see it immediately, these games *are* aimed at girls (hehe... twice the bishounens ^^).

Also, so far, I have one actual ROM translation project, of Magic Knight Rayearth GB.
It's not a dating sim, but feel free to check it out. ^_^

General Videogame Buying Tips
Import Game Stores
There are a variety of stores out there that sell import games, here are a few that I've personally dealt with and have been satisfied ^^
This seems to be a really dependable store... it was the first I ever bought import games from, in fact ^^
Wolf Games
Wolf Games sells used Japanese games... I've found some really good deals there! ^^
Himeya.com has recently been carrying a lot of these girl-aimed games ^^ Such actions should be supported! :)

Special Ordering
For many of the games, you will find that I suggest special-ordering them.  This is because they are so obscure that most normal import-software stores do not carry them. :P  Right now, a place that I can wholehearedly recommend is:
I ordered Angelique Duet and Special 2 from them and got them quite quickly.  The only drawback is the expensive handling charge (20%), but you do get *very* good service for it. This is really the best place to buy anything you can't find in any normal import stores!

Running Japanese Windows Software
Most Japanese/Asian computer software will not run properly on your average American system. Before buying any, you should invest in either a copy of Japanese Windows or Windows 2000 Professional(not Windows Millenium Edition (ME))... or get a copy from a friend :P
With Windows 2000, as opposed to Japanese ME/98/95(...), one could also, theoretically, play any other Asian software... any other software in any language. However, there are some compatibilty issues (for example, Angelique Love Love Mail does not work in Windows 2000 at all, even if you had a Japanese system).
Please, do not make the same mistake I did ^^;
The reason there are Japanese compatibility issues is because these programs may use certain characters in the file names that American Windows 9X just plain has trouble with.
There -are- some that will run just fine and you can use with the help of programs like NJCommunicator or AsianSuite, but there are really no guarantees.

Playing Japanese Video Games
For each video game system, there are seperate rules. For example, most of the handheld systems run Japanese games just fine, like the Game Boy and the Game Gear. However, most of the regular console systems will not run Japanese games without some sort of tweaking. Make sure you can run Japanese software on your system before setting your sights on playing any Japanese console games.

A few of the games on my site are completely out of print and can only really be played with a ROM through and Emulator. For example, Marmalade Boy and Princess Maker: Legend of Another World. For these games I have provided links to copies of the ROMs. These cannot affect the sale of the games in any way since they are out of print. Even if one were to buy a used copy of the cartridge, the manufacturer would make no money, so I believe no harm can be done.
For more information on the process of Emulating games visit Zophar's Domain.

Enter to Win a Sony PlayStation 2
(yah... I get commission and junk... what? :P)