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Nagareyama Shimon

Seiyuu Information:
Miyata Kouki / Miyata Harunori (ermm... I don't know if the name changed or what ^^;)

Notable Other Roles (to me anyway :P)
Aish --- Fantastic Fortune
Detective Akita --- Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
Bakemon --- Digimon

Basic Character Information:
(off Koei site... Spoiler free :P)

Age: 14

Birthday: February 25th

Position(in Kyo): Suzaku of Earth

Normal Occupation: Junior High School Student (the heroine's Junior)

Resembling his Western Grandfather, his appearance has seperated him from the Japanese people. He has a meek, cheerful nature, a tender heart, and is very sympathetic. Cooking is his strong point (sometimes he would give lessons to the heroine.)

Thoughts On His Counterpart, Inori:
A person who's quick to yell. His sentiments seem to be too much to deal with.

Quote (to the Ryuujin no Miko):
"I'll keep going.  For your benefit.  Let's return together, ne?"


Some More Detailed (specific) Information:
(These may be spoilers to some...)

Favorite Perfume: Chrysanthemum

Favorite Paper: Warm Chestnut Colored

Favorite Spring Flower: Yamabuki (Mountain Breath)

Favorite Summer Flower: Nouzenkazura

Favorite Places:
(The game takes place in Ancient Kyoto, so these places have neat little historical significances.  It took me forever to learn most of this... so appreciate it!)

1)Fushimi Inari Shrine (2)
2)Rashoumon Gate (same 'Rashoumon' as from the story, The Oni of Rashoumon)
3)Kaiko no Yashiro

Everyone calls him 'Oni' in the game... they think that he looks like one of the demon-people.  I can imagine being a game-player in Japan and laughing as I found that one of poor Shimon's significant places is 'Rashoumon'. ^_^;


Ending-related Information:
(Okay, now you're just plain cheating :P)

There are two types of 'love' event-sequences.  One, the 'Common', comes with collecting the Kokoro no Kakera that the Hachi-yoh have lost(?--if I understand correctly).  You collect these by going to the Hachi-yoh's favorite places (as listed above).  The other ending, the 'Crisis-Development', comes with raising their Star-levels.  You can only go for one type of event-sequence each game: so, if you want the Crisis-Development events, you should ~avoid~ their favorite places (and thus, collecting a Kokoro no Kakera) until you pass the first Crisis-Development event! ^^;
The actual choice of endings will remain the same for each character regardless of how they fall in love with you.  However, there ~are~ two seperate endings one can get for each of the Hachi-yoh, depending on your decision at the end to, essentially, either scream for help or summon the Dragon God.

Common Event Occurance Times:
(When you can collect a Kokoro no Kakera and get a special event...)

Stage 1:
On or after the Second Chapter.

Stage 2:
On or after the Fourth Chapter.

Stage 3:
On or after the Sixth Chapter.

Stage 4:
On or after the Eighth Chapter.
(Must have 4 Red Stars and 4 Green Stars)

Crisis-Development Event Occurance Times:
(When you will get a special event.)

Stage 1:
(Must have 2 Red Stars and 3 Green)

Stage 2:
In the Eighth Chapter, leave Shimon behind during one of your outings with the Hachi-yoh.
(Must have 3 Red Stars and 4 Green)


Strategy-Related Information:
(I don't know what you'd consider this ^^;)

Favorite Battle-Phrase:
Stand Firm! (Ganbatte!)

Himself --- Ground
Strength --- Water
Weakness --- Tree

Jirai-geki --- Land-mine Attack
Taizan-Meidou --- Peaceful Mountain Rumbling
??? --- Tough Boulder-Proof Assistance
No(no)miya --- Rustic Shrine
Hino-Miko-Yashiro(?) --- Fire of Honorable Youths