Saint Tail Episode 1--
"Enter! A Cute Master Thief! I'll Steal You're Heart!"

Saint Tail is the sweet story of a modern-day Robin Hood, Meimi Haneoka.  Disguised as the Mysterious Thief Saint Tail, she steals stuff back from villains and returns them to their rightful owners.
I am going to dub the first episode of the series. Due to the fact that I could only find the second OST cd, I will not be using the orginal music, but it probably won't matter in the end, because most people will probably want to buy copies of the Japanese, and eps 1&2 are pretty much a set, so everyone will probably see the original with original music anyway ^_^;
*ahem* there is a small Japanese clip from the show you can watch now:
Saint Tail and Asuka Jr. with Tear Gas

Character Lines/VA
Meimi Michelle Sullivan
Seira Pending
Asuka Jr. Amber Noble
Detective Asuka JTC
Eimi(Mother) Michiru Kaioh
Genchirou(Dad) "Welcome home, Meimi!"
"What do you think of my new magic trick?"
Kaidou (Bad guy) "Did it go well?"
"There are no rules in making money."
Ryoko(Black Haired) Julia(Astrogurl)
Kyoko(Tan Haired) Amelia
Sachiko(Pig-tailed) Serika ^^
Police Officer(a few) "Detective Asuka... isn't this painting?"
Bad guy-henchman "Of course, it went perfectly."
Old-man-bad-guy-person "(sobbing)Aaah... I swindled so hard to get that painting!"
Nun Julia(Astrogurl)

cover The manga is going to be translated by Tokyo Pop! Support this cute tale in America by buying it! I will! ^_^
(And, no, I'm not sure if it is fate, some odd coincidence, or what that provided that both the Miracle Girls and Saint Tail manga would end up both translated all of the sudden. Maybe I'm more influential than I thought, or maybe I just have really good taste ;P~)