Totally Puyo Puyo (From the July 1999 issue of Third Grader magazine by Shogakukan)
This will be written a little better than my Miracle Girls translation.  I'm going to be trying to write it more so it can be read.  With Miracle Girls, I am somewhat afraid that if I write it in a way independant of needing to have the manga to read along, that less people would be inclined to actually purchase the Manga ^^;  Yes, it is a long-shot, but I figured, "better safe than sorry" (^_^)
Anyway, here is my translation of an issue of "Tottemo Puyo Puyo: MadouGakkouHen (Totally! Puyo Puyo: Magical-training School Chapter).  Anything that I added to make it read better, or just as commentary is in blue.

"Summer is coming to that extent..."
By:Mami Tachibana


[Satahn is wearing a mask... one of those obvious disguises that always works :P]
Satahn(as a teacher):  Ladies and Gentlemen, today's class is a Battle Field-Trip!
Arle:  "Battle Field Trip"?
(*)Today is a field trip!!
Satahn:  You have to recover the Mystic Book of Magic while being attacked by enemies.  These will be your opponents.
Ar-chans:  We're the Ar-chans! *giggle*  [The Ar-chans are a bunch of cute little archer-things... there name is a play on Archer and the suffix "chan"]
Arle:  Let's do our best to find the Mystic Book of Magic, Kah!
[Arle and Kah run off to start their quest!]
Kah:  Gu--!
Satahn:  [in the distance...] Do your best....!
Satahn:  [removing his mask... oh my!   Look who it is!]  Hehehe... If it wasn't a field trip, our school would be destroyed!
Monsters:  [cheering from behind a bush]  You are *so* right, Sir Satahn!
Satahn:  [struck by an idea] *ping*  Oh!  That's it!!!  While they are...


Arle:  [searching in the woods... and stepping dangerously close to a fairly obviously covered hole-trap-thing]  Mystic Book of Magic,  Mystic Book of Magic...  I wonder where it is...
Arle:  [Oh my!  Big surprise!  She falls into the trap.]  *zoob* Waah!!
Arle:  [The Ar-chans appear above the trap]  Aaaaccckkk!  I'm trapped!
Ar-chans:  Ready! Aim!  Fire!  [technically, they are saying "Let's shoot"... but, "Ready, aim, fire!" was cuter :P]
Arle:  The Ar-chans!!
Arle:  [going into a typical SD freak out]  What should I do!?  All these enemies came outta nowhere I tell ya!!!
Satahn:  [Satahn makes a grand entrance... with pretty roses and everything... his cape is cool... so are his horns... *sigh*]  Now!  Enter the Prince of the Fiery Underworld!!  Arle!  My cause for coming is to provide you with some relief and protection!!  Please allow me to...
[Arle starts to call upon her magical power... oh my... bad timing for Satahn :P  Arle didn't even notice his pretty entrance...]
Satahn: you?
*Go Go Go Go Go* [sound effects]


[Puyo Puyo balls start falling all around, enveloping the Ar-chans in the pile that forms.]
Arle:  [Looking all cool and attacking-like]  Ballione!!!
*Do Do Do* [sound effects]
Ar-chans:  Aaaa---h!!!
Arle:  [skipping off merrily into the woods]  Yes!  Enemies defeated!  Now for the next part of the agreement!!!
Satahn:  [also covered in the ensuing Puyo avalanche, with one little arm sticking out of the giant pile]  Harya~~~
Monsters:  [the little mummy-guy has tears in his eyes *sniff*]  Sir Satahn was not supposed to be wounded as well.
Satahn:  [popping his head out of the Puyo-pile and looking all pretty and bishounen-like]  Splendid!  Arle's power certainly is up!  A wonderful bride indeed...,
Satahn:  [gets little X's in his eyes and looks all fainty]  ...oh no...
Monsters:  Aaah!  Sir Satahn!!
[Arle casts a few more attacks for good measure...]
* do go-n *
Arle:  Ballione!!
* do go-n *
Arle:  Ballione!
[Arle takes a break from her casting...]
Arle:  Phew...  I've employed all of my magic.  I don't have any more power.  (we also haven't found the Mystic Book of Magic...)
[an odd noise comes from Arle's stomach] * growl *
Arle:  Kah, it's almost lunch time...
[Kah bounces off between some bushes... and comes back with an urgent message.]
Kah:  Gu--!
Arle:  What is it?


[Kah points out a very flat Puyo-thing in the little hollow]
* deflates * [ermm... the flat Puyo-thing...]
Puyo-thing:  Pyo-o~~...
Arle:  [worried] Mr. Yellow Puyo!  Why do you look so ill?!
[Arle puts her hand on Mr. Yellow Puyo's... forehead?]
Arle:  Hmm... No fever... No injuries either......
[Arle takes out her lunch... and the little Puyo seems to be exceedingly interested in it.]
Yellow Puyo:  *sniff* *sniff* *sniff*  Pu... Puyoo~n, Puyoo~n...
Arle:  Err... that's my curry... for lunch... if I give it to you, what would *I* have to eat?
[Arle gets one of those dramatic-scared-worried-panels... with all those neat lines and a pattern behind her, as she ponders her dilemna]
Arle:  What should I do?  This is Kah and I's important, important, *important*...
[Suddenly, the Ar-chans pop out from behind another bush!]
Ar-chans:  Aha!  We found you!!
* ba-thump * [the nervous beatings of Arle's heart]
Arle:  Waaah!?  [She drops her lunch in her panic...]
[Arle forgets about her opponents as she watches the fate of her curry.]
Arle:  Ack!  He's...!
* ga ga ga * [Mr. Yellow Puyo eagerly starts on the meal, helped, of course, by Kah :P]
Yellow Puyo:  puyopuyopuyopuyo
Kah:  Gu-- Gu-- Gu-- Gu--
[Arle is suddenly forced to remember her opponents...]
Ar-chans:  Aim! Fire!
[Cute little heart-arrows approach Arle rapidly]
Arle:  No, please!  Stay away!  My power is...!


[Suddenly,  Arle hears a sound from behind her.]
* pikaa *
Arle:  What the...!?
[It's Mr. Yello Puyo... with a cape and a belt with a little "Y" on it's buckle!  He uses some branches to deflect the arrows.]
Arle:  Aaack!  Mr. Yellow Puyo...!?  transformed?
[Suddenly, all the Ar-chans run away in fear...]
Ar-chans:  Aaaah!  It's Puyo~n Yello....!!!
Ar-chans:  Everyone!  Retreaaat!!
[Arle looks in amazement at the tiny, round little superhero...]
Arle:  Puyo~n Yellow...
Arle:  What an amazing amount of power you possess!  You saved me!  Thank you!
Kah:  *whistles*
Puyo~n Yellow:  Puyoo.
[Arle suddenly notices a book near where she was.]
Arle:  Ah!


[Arle picks up the book and her expression fills with joy... and a brightness eminates from her happiness. ^_^;]
Arle:  This is the Mystic Book of Magic I've been searching for!  I did it!!!
Arle:  Yippee... skippee...... hurrraaa....
[Arle gets all spinny-eyed and begins to fall over... a mysterious message appears over her :P, saying:]
* fainting from hunger *
Puyo~n Yellow:  [sweatdrop] Puyo...
[In the background a girl dressed in a maid's outfit and Satahn with his mask back on are looking for Arle.]
Maid:  Arle!  Where are you~u!?
Satahn:  Time to go home!!  Hey there!
* whoosh * *pow*
[Satahn freaks out as the school, covered in cute little heart-shaped arrows, falls into a heap of rubble.]
Satahn:  The... The school... Why~~~!?
Arle:  [eating some curry from a conveniently-located curry-packet vendor.]  It may have been caught in the crossfire from earlier.
Monsters:  [sleeping in a corner]  *snore* *snore*

SIGN:  "Packet Curry"

Fin.  Now wasn't that fun? ^_^