Miracle Girls Manga Volume 1 -- Pages 1-20 translation ^^;
This is *really* rough, and some parts make *absolutely* no sense... I got a little better in the later pages, but just be prepared ^^;
This is merely for a little bit of comparison to the one coming out by TokyoPop soon.  (Buy it, by the way!  I want to support Miracle Girls :P)  And, even my better parts will make absolutely *no* sense unless you can read along in the manga ^^;

Ah... huh?  Aren't those two twins?
It's true... entirely(star)
(Title:Miracle Girls)
...and...hey...isn't that other one cute?
Huh, Tomomi?
Try to live long indeed, Mikage.
I and Mikage look completely alike.
The two of us are twins.

But, that's not all.
We are just a little bit Pe-Cu-Li-Ar!
(Title:A Little Bit of Mystery)

It's totally secret!
The thing about our mysterious, mysterious power.

Yay! You did it, Tomomi!
Our class is winning!

Miss Matsunaga, Congratulations (heart)
We have been watching you emerge from every event!
Th... thank you.
Popular as usual, huh?
Prince of the Girls School... (musical note)

Stop it, hey... ah... huh... let's go.
Aww... what if they are serious?
...form in back also great...... (heart)

Well, the Fall Ball-Skill Tournament Coordination Award goes to 2-6.
2-6 representative, Matsunaga Tomomi.
Just a minute, I don't believe that girl... she alone wins in every skill!?
I can't believe she really emerged from those games fairly...
Well, I don't think she's human... she's an animal!

...she's an animal...
She didn't rephrase it to be humiliating.
That shadow today finished first...
That thing really was...

I'm home----!
Oh? I wonder if Mikage will be surprised.



Mi...Mikage!?  What the....?
Ah... Tomomi?  Welcome.....
Ohh.... what have you exploded here this time!?!
Won't mom be surprised when she gets home...

How humiliating---
My calculations were completely perfect!!!

How can Mikage understand such hard books, yet be so ditzy?  Huh?

......If we are twins, why are we so different?  Mikage started out majorly dependant, but since then became a genius-girl.(...and I wish I could be)
Then, I just have athletics.  I go to an all girls school and am a muscle-girl. (star)
(Incidently, I'm the older sister.)
Aww... Really!!!
With Dad we can make an excuse, and Mom is normaly out at the store till late, so we should be able to clean the house before we have anything to worry about.
I came home early to find our house boiling!
Don't do any more experiments at home!!!

Aww, not good...
But, since Mikage didn't injure anyone, please reconsider......
Moreover, my experiments do contribute to the potential future happiness of the earth!
A young bud takes fault.
But, because of my privilage of having this mother, whose river of goodness will not cease to flow!!
---uh... good.  Please hurry.
Ye~~~~s (musical note)
Tomomi, thank you (heart)
In celebration, I will tutor you!
I also have a test tomorrow!
(not very happy)
We commute to different middle schools.  Because of this, few people know that we are twins.

Besides, there is a---
Peculiar thing......

Mikage, Wake U---up!

mm... what?
It's eight-o-clock!

You're kidding!
What happened to the alarm?!
Oh no... I think she went to work.

Why didn't she arrange her schedule with me----?
Arrgh!  The test is at one!?
I have to change!  I can't decide what to do!

Calm down a little, Mikage.
It comes to that sort of thing!!!

...Oh, no!
Tomomi's school to my school.  They are too far away to reach both on time.
AaAhh.... the test....

There's nothing we can do about it, if we want to manage to do it.... oh...
There's nothing but *that*!

N...no... I'm much to weak for that.
That terrible thing could bring about my end.

It's okay... I'll control it.

I guess you can't take your test then?
If I run, I can be on time.


To Mikage's

Gotta hurry!
I...I...I made it...
Ah! Tomomi, Good Morning!

What happened?  Your face is an awful shade.
Ah...yea...I can explain...

No, I can't... the circumstances indeed...
It's been a long time since last teleporting, and it's because of that...
Think of something clever!

Huh? What Mikage?
Don't overwork yourself.
You should see the School Nurse.
B...but, after this class...
No "buts" about it! Go!
Do it now!
Do it!

...perhaps I should visit the nurse's office.
What?  Will you be okay alone?
Yeah... explain to the teacher for me okay?

Miss Tomomi Matsunaga of 2-6, huh?
Well, go inside for a while.
...huh?  Besides me, are you alright, Mikage?
Me?  I'm completely alright!
Well, it was nice to hear you got to homeroom on time.
Well, now, I'm taking that test... Rest hard!
The peculiar power of Mikage and I... ESP.

But, other people don't know about our telepathy and teleporting.  Moreover, if we aren't together, we can't use it.
Tomomi!  Are you home?
Is your fever better?
Yah, I'm feeling fine!
Since the time we were born, we've been together, we were a complete pair from the start, obtaining a balance.  The probability was a million to one, a miracle.

So, this is our important secret.
A magical power only we have.
Autumn, huh!
Who for Autumn of Sports was chosen, I wonder...
Why so glum, Mikage, didn't your test go well today?
The test went as expected, that's the least of my worries...
B...but, if I remember right, your school didn't have a sports festival last year......
This year we're having a sports festival and a cultural festival for the first time!!