Miracle Girls Episode 43--
"A Movie is a Festival! A Movie is Life!"

Miracle Girls is a show about two 16 year old twins who have the gift of telepathy and teleportation.

Since, this show may be unfamiliar to some, I have tried to provide some short Realvideo clips to give you an idea of the sound, look, and feel of the characters. Noda is the skinny guy with black hair. Yamagishi is the guy with the orange shirt and overalls in 3 clips, and with some athletic-type outfit in the other. Mikage is the girl who looks like Tomomi, but with longer hair. Tomomi is the girl who looks like Mikage with shorter hair. The insane teacher yelling "NANI???!???!" is Kageura. Please download the realvideo clips here:
Tomomi is suspicious about Noda.
Rumiko being mean to Mikage and Tomomi.
Kageura has to go to his sister's wedding.
Rumiko is nice and cute to Yamagishi(who she does not recognize).

I am trying to cast the leads first and get through their lines, then the extras will mostly be filled in around them.  The music will be non-original... It will be an interesting project because I will be trying some alternative-methods... consider this a 'cheap' fandub.

My God! Clips from my fandub? No way!
There are only a few... don't get too excited, and they're all very old, too :P But, they are kind of interesting to get a rough idea of where the dub is heading.
Noda(called Neddy in this clip) swears to protect Tomomi(Terry) and Mikage(Maggie).
Why are the names changed here? Well, almost all of the cast was having trouble pronouncing them properly, so I was seeing how it would work with English names... it may be permanent, it may not... we will have to see :P
Tomomi and Mikage talk about the movie.
Heh... a *perfect* example of why I'm considering changing the names... Kae-gay-ura... just *awful* pronunciation on my part.
Tomomi(F) Kate(SailrYohk0)
Mikage(F) Jennifer
Rumiko(F) Michiru Kaioh
Noda(M) Amelia Lang
Yamagishi(M) "I'll be busy for a while, and won't be able to see you, but let's make a promise..."
(Hmm... he's a guy... don't know quite how to explain him ^_^;) 
Kageura(Teacher-M) "Be quiet! I am the sponsor! Do you have a problem with that?"
(This guy is crazy! He's got an older voice, but it can go kinda high when he's upset or something ^_^;)
Flower Shop Lady "Welcome, are you looking for a gift?"
(Nice, friendly, flower shop lady)
Boy#1 "It has to be a comedy! A comedy!"
(This boy is more happy and average)
Boy#2 "A horror movie would be best!"
(He talks kind of zombie-like and scary)
Boy#3 "You idiots! We need a passionate youth drama!"
(This boy is angry and passionate about things)
Boy#4 "No, something out of literature."
(This boy is a nerd)
Molly Impersonator Allison Rose
Hair Stylist-woman "Sorry to bother you while you were busy, but would you let me do a make-over on your hair?"

cover The manga is going to be translated by Tokyo Pop! Support this cute tale in America by buying it! I will! ^_^