Final Cast
Voice Actor
Sailor Mercury Christine Mink
Sailor Moon Michelle Sullivan
Sailor Mars Jennifer
Sailor Jupiter KatKyle
Sailor Venus MinaLuve
Sailor Chibi-Moon Kate
Artemis Luke(Mixx4ever)
Luna Sailor Chibi-Pink
Bonnone Michiru Kaioh
Umino(Melvin) Marvin Glenn
Naru(Molly) Natasha
Mercurius Derek
Fill-ins Michelle Sullivan
Sasha Arnkoff
Amy's First Love Special

You should be able to buy the actual tape from Glen (Jedite was very kind to contact him for me), eventually.  I also have many music videos that you should buy, as well :P
You can also read Negavisions review of this dub. It really was quite kind, considering my technical problems and obvious inexperience. ^^ All I have to say about it is: "There is no shame in being cute!"
Ami's name is pronounced Amy.  I am fully aware of the fact that her Japanese name is supposed to be pronounced "ah-mee", but I chose to pronounce it Amy, because it had a better sound to it when it was said like that with these particular voices.
The rest of the names are Japanese, though barely mentioned anywhere... but in those instances I liked the Japanese sound better, or was simply too lazy to change the names in the script.
As for the sound quality... it's in Telephone quality, needless to say the most important part of a fandub, the soundtrack is in really bad quality, and I have no easy way to fix it, so just be ready for that ^^;

I hope that my other dubs can be better, but I think completing this was a great achievement on my behalf.  I know it does not look or sound very impressive, but I hope that fans of Sailor Moon or just anyone can still find it quite enjoyable ^_^