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These pages are primarily in Japanese ^^;  Make sure you have your system configured so you can see them properly!
You may notice that the pages I choose primarily focus on Shimon ^^;  Umm... all I can say about that is that I'm a very obsessive person ^^;;;;;
A very strange game hosted by the Suzaku

Find the exact word they ask for in a giant page of like millions of them... it definately can help in your kanji recognition though ^_~

A really strange, yet hilarious fan-comic

Follow the alternate adventures of Akane and the Hachi-yoh!  My my... those loincloth stories are something else x_X;

A site with lots of Shimon fan-art

Okay... there's a lot more to it than that, but of course I would notice the Shimon features most of all :P  It contains many frightening pictures of him cross-dressing ^^;  It is actually a Harukanaru-themed subpage of Flower Company.

Shimon Battle Squad Nagarenja

Need I really say more?  Well... actually, I 've gotten the impression from various sites that Shimon-kun is not very popular(neither is Eisen-san, which is *really* strange.  Tomomasa seems to be the most popular), this site(please keep in mind my Japanese is very limited) seems to have the goal of seeing whether they can make Shimon more popular by creating 5 different versions of him ^^;  When I get more time I *have* to read further in this.  This is a subpage of The Promise Land(which seems to have a *lot* of interesting Harukanaru info).

A nice, simple, pretty Harukanaru page

It's the Harukanaru subpage of Romance Fantastia.  I just kinda like how it's set up ^^;  It features a FAQ, and some nice charts and information ^^

The Suzaku web-ring!

Another one of thoese "need I say more?"s ^_^  A shame there's only like 5 pages in it though -_-;  Inori-kun and Shimon-kun are the greatest!  They should get more respect.  Another intersesting web-ring is the Four-gods-of-Earth webring here.  Shimon is one of the Hachi-yoh of earth, which makes that significant ^_^

Pale Moon

This a *beautiful* page with a section on Harukanaru... it contains *beautiful* fan art, too.  It also features many other games similar to Harukanaru.  ^_^