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Harukanaru Tokino Nakade
This is an obsessive little Playstation game by Koei of Japan.
Playing the Game
Lets get to the most important part of the game(to me atleast :P).
How do you get someone to love you?
There are two methods.
1) Collect all of their Kokoro no Kakera(Heart pieces), or
2) What can be translated best as "Crisis-Development" love.
Each member of the Hachi-yoh has four Kokoro no Kakera.  To collect all the Kokoro no Kakera, you must take the desired member of the Hachi-yoh to his favorite places at certain times with certain requirements.  After each of these times, you will have something of a date-event with that character.  I honestly have not experimented enough to know if your performance in each date event affects whether or not you can get the next Kokoro no Kakera, but it definitely does affect whether or not you get special pictures of them for your Album.  Each Hachi-yoh's requirements and favorite places will be supplied in the individual sections.
"Crisis-Development" love is a little bit different.  This type is based mainly on getting the trust and feeling(the green and red stars :P) levels up higher and choosing their section of the Hachi-yoh in the second half of the game (You are asked to choose either the Hachi-yoh of Earth or the Hachi-yoh of Sky)... or at least that was what the one Japanese site said and I haven't really tested otherwise ^^;  But, each Hachi-yoh's individual requirements will also be listed below.

To get you started:
Names, basics, and positions held by the Hachi-yoh.

Shimon is my favorite character in this game, so I will start my translations and walkthroughs for this game with everything having to do with Shimon.
Shimon's story is quite sad... he's very self-concious because he has blonde, curly hair and blue eyes. These were recessive genes from his grandfather. Although, how he could possibly think he looks wierd compared to Akane with pink hair or Tomomasa with long, light blue hair... and the list goes on and on ^^;
But still, in Kyo, his appearance is consistent with some of the oni no hito(demon people)... specifically Cephyl, who is the same age as him as well. So, everyone keeps calling him "oni" and stuff, and I feel bad for him :(

BTW, although Koei's Japanese website romanizes Shimon's name as "Simon", I choose to romanize it as "Shimon" because otherwise it could be easily confused with "sai-mon"... which is not it's pronunciation :P

And here is some of the information(or just fun stuff :P) that I've translated so far regarding Nagareyama Shimon-kun ^_^
Various Important Character Information
"To be able to for your benefit."