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Suzaku of Earth Nagareyama Shimon

His spirit has great insight into the matters of the demons(oni), and doing so makes him sad. But, from his inner heart's eager persistance, in those situations he holds out his hand. From his being hesitant, when together with Inori-sama, he often ends up left behind. Seems rooted in honesty, says a joke at beginning of setting, calls out congratulations, it seems. Usually recovers early and thinks positively. Try to confront him in a positive way before you are together.

Himself Ground
Strength Water
Weakness Tree

Favorite Places
There are many Entrances of Shinto Shrines that he likes (Fushimiinari Shinto Shrine) of his Favorite Places.
Far south on the long road of the Suzaku is a necessary place that he likes (Thin Silk Castle Gates Impression)
The place with the Shinto Shrine of the inner capital standing in the middle of the pond is a nice place to make him go. (Shrine of Silkworm) Two Kokoro no Kakera.

Common Event Occurence Times Crisis Development Events
Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 1 Stage 2
On or after 
Second Chapter
On or after 
Fourth Chapter
On or after 
Sixth Chapter
On or after 
Eighth Chapter
4 red
4 green
2 red
3 green
Chapter Eight
Leave Shimon behind
in one of the outings.
3 red
4 green

Favorite Things
Perfume Scent of Chrysanthemum
Paper Warm chestnut colored
Spring Flower Mountain Breath Flower
Summer Flower Nowazen-Kazula

Favorite Words(Battle)
Stand Firm!(Ganbatte!) (1 green up)

Ground-Lightning Attack
Rustic Shrines Calm Mountain Rumbling
Fire of Honorable Youths Boulder-Proof Helper