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Tenma Morimura

Seiyuu Information:
Seki Tomokazu

Notable Other Roles (to meanyway :P)
Van Fanel --- Escaflowne
Touji --- Evangelion
Kenji(Tracy) --- Pocket Monsters
Kinomoto Touya --- Card Captor Sakura
Hidaka Ken --- Weiss kreuz
Igunis --- Wedding Peach
Noldis --- Ellie no Atelier
Shun --- E'tude Prologue
Kiri(Kyle) --- Lunar Silver Star Story
Stan Aileron --- Tales of Destiny

Cool voice actor ^^

Basic Character Information:
(off Koei site...Spoiler free :P)

Age: 17

Birthday: 4/2

Position:Seiryuu of Earth

Normal Occupation: High School Student (same year as the heroine)


Thoughts On His Counterpart, Yorihisa:
A blunt person. A little irritating.

Quote (to the Ryuujin no Miko):


Some More Detailed (specific) Information:
(These may be spoilers to some...)

Favorite Perfume: Plum-flower

Favorite Paper: Shallow(Sad?)-yellow colored

Favorite Spring Flower: Peach Blossom

Favorite Summer Flower: Wisteria(Fuji)

Favorite Places:

1)Funaoka Mountain
2)Keisen Kawanabe


Ending-related Information:
(Okay, now you're just plain cheating :P)

There are two types of 'love' event-sequences.  One, the 'Common', comes with collecting the Kokoro no Kakera that the Hachi-yoh have lost(?--if I understand correctly).  You collect these by going to the Hachi-yoh's favorite places (as listed above).  The other ending, the 'Crisis-Development', comes with raising their Star-levels.  You can only go for one type of event-sequence each game: so, if you wantthe Crisis-Development events, you should ~avoid~ their favorite places(and thus, collecting a Kokoro no Kakera) until you pass the first Crisis-Development event! ^^;
The actual choice of endings will remain the same for each character regardless of how they fall in love with you.  However, there ~are~ two seperate endings one can get for each of the Hachi-yoh, depending on your decision at the end to, essentially, either scream for help or summon the Dragon God.

Common Event Occurance Times:
(When you can collect a Kokoro no Kakera and get a special event...)

Stage 1:
On or after the Second Chapter.

Stage 2:
On or after the Fourth Chapter.

Stage 3:
On or after the Sixth Chapter.

Stage 4:
On or after the EighthChapter.
(Must have 4 Red Stars and 4 Green Stars)

Crisis-Development Event Occurance Times:
(When you will getaspecial event.)

Stage 1:
Seventh Chapter
(Must have 2 Red Stars and 3 Green)

Stage 2:
Ninth Chapter
(Must have 3 Red Stars and 4 Green)


Strategy-Related Information:
(I don't know what you'd consider this ^^;)

Favorite Battle-Phrase:
Snap out of it! (Shikkarishite!)
I'm relying on you!(Tayori ni shiteru yo!)
  ^-- Combined with "Go forth Seriously!" (Honki deshite!)

Himself --- Tree
Strength --- Ground
Weakness --- Gold

Shourai-geki --- LandMine Attack
??? --- God-cry Bind(located at Kaiko Shrine)
??? --- Sky-Spirit Come Down Lightning(found at Sumizome)